Be8 signs process, design and engineering license agreement for Ethanol plant with Indian company Praj


The plant will be installed in Passo Fundo, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and will be the first large-scale one in the state producing biofuel with cereals

Be8 has chosen and has entered into a license agreement with Praj, an Indian company and global leader in bio-energy, to establish the process, design, and engineer its first ethanol plant in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The ethanol plant is the first large-scale one in the state producing biofuel with cereals. The new factory is expected to be operational in 2026 and involves an investment of approximately R$1 billion.

Praj is India's most successful company in bio-based technologies, engineering and modularised solutions, with projects across the globe.  Praj's solution is distinguished by its energy efficiency, capable of guaranteeing a quality product at the lowest operating cost and with experience in cereal-based ethanol production.

“This is another very consistent step to guarantee Brazil an innovative investment with the best international know-how for the production of cereal-based ethanol”, celebrated Erasmo Carlos Battistella, President of Be8. “I am very pleased to establish this partnership with Praj and its entire team of experts who, together with Be8 professionals, will reinforce the country's position as a protagonist in the energy transition,” he said. 

"In our pursuit of accelerating the energy transition and decarbonizing mobility, Praj Industries is proud to partner with Be8, a global renewable energy company, to establish a Wheat-Based Low Carbon Ethanol Plant”, said Shishir Joshipura, CEO of Praj. "Together, we embark on a journey towards a circular bioeconomy as a sustainable climate action, that drives innovation and progress”.


Praj Industries Limited:

Praj, India's most accomplished industrial biotech company, is driven by innovation, integration, and delivery capabilities. Over the past four decades, Praj has focused on the environment, energy, and agri‐process industry, with 1000++ customer references spanning 100+ countries across all five continents. Bio‐MobilityTM and Bio‐PrismTM are the mainstays of Praj's contribution to the global Bioeconomy. The Bio‐MobilityTM platform offers technology solutions globally to produce the renewable transportation fuel, thus ensuring sustainable decarbonization through a circular bioeconomy.

The company's Bio‐PrismTM portfolio comprises technologies to produce renewable chemicals and materials, promises sustainability while reimagining nature. Praj Matrix, the state‐of‐the‐art R&D facility, forms the backbone for the company's endeavours towards a clean energy‐based Bioeconomy. Praj's diverse portfolio comprises Bio‐energy solutions, Critical process equipment & skids, Breweries, Zero liquid discharge systems and High purity water systems. Led by an accomplished and caring leadership, Praj is a socially responsible corporate citizen. Praj is listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges of India.



Be8 is a global renewable energy company that implements new energy matrices through a circular innovation ecosystem. Focusing on production that guarantees a future with natural resources, the company makes sustainable deliveries for people, businesses and the planet. The Company is part of the holding company ECB Group and was founded in 2005. The Company's headquarters are in Passo Fundo (RS) and we have administrative offices in São Paulo (SP) and Geneva, Switzerland, responsible for marketing our production of Passo Fundo (RS), Marialva (PR), La Paloma (Paraguay) and Domdidier (Switzerland).