Rural Show: Canola is the high point in the stand of BSBIOS

Participating for the first time in the fair, company of biodiesel aims at presenting its business policy for 2012 and broadcasting the crop among producers of the region

The Rural Show Coopavel will be held from 06 to 10 of February in Cascavel (PR), one of the largest national fairs of the agro-business sector. BSBIOS Marialva participates for the first time and promises to show the news for rural producers. "Our objective is to make canola know in the region and improve it as a profitable alternative of winter crop", asserts the Operations director of BSBIOS Marialva, Carlos Antônio Borsolan Gaspar.

Last year only, BSBIOS improved canola growth in Paraná in 10 thousand hectares, 50% more than in 2010. If we add the units of Marialva and Passo Fundo/RS, the area planted was 25 thousand ha in the three states of the South. The expectation for 2012 is 15 thousand ha in Paraná. "Producers' acceptability for canola was great in 2011, thus we found that producers did not have many options as for winter crops and with canola we met this demand", asserts the coordinator of Improvement of BSBIOS Marialva, Josiene Carraro. BSBIOS, which has a partnership of 50% with Petrobras Biofuel, produces in Paraná 127 million liters of biodiesel per year. The unit encourages the production of alternative crops in the region, through the Program of Canola Production benefiting paranaenses family farmers.

Daily lectures are included in the programming of the Coopavel Rural Show at 10:00am and 02:00pm on the Program of Canola Production, and also a press team on day 07, where the CEO of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, and the Operational Director of BSBIOS Marialva, Carlos Antônio Borsolan Gaspar, will show the Commercialization Policy for Canola in 2012 and will discuss on the national scenario of biodiesel, among other subjects.

Free course of canola

During the Rural Show it will also broadcasted the 3rd State Course of Technical Training for Canola Crop, accomplished in Cascavel on days 13 and 14 of February, in the Amphitheater Emir Sfair. The objective of the course, which has free entrance, is to enable rural producers and update agronomists, professionals and students on canola crop. Researchers and experts of the area are among the lecturers. To subscribe you will need to send your full name, profession and company you stand for to e-mail