ABRASCANOLA begins to make part of the Sector Chamber of the Ministry of Agriculture

The entity will have direct contact with the Federal Government.

During a meeting accomplished in the Ministry of Agriculture and Supply (MAPA), in Brasília, the inclusion of the Brazilian Association of Canola Producers (ABrasCanola) in the Sector Chamber of the Productive Chain of Vegetable Oil Crops and Biodiesel, was approved. The objective of the Chamber is to identify the opportunities and to discuss priority actions for the development of the sector. It is comprised of representatives of Ministries, official banks, confederations, associations, unions, among others.

The Chairman of AbrasCanola, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, emphasized the importance of participating in the body. "Because of our entrance in the Chamber, we begin to have permanent seat in the meetings of the Federal Government, which allow us to take plea for canola development directly," he asserted.

During the meeting, the Chief Executive Officer presented the work which has already been practiced for the improvement of the crop and other issues that still need attention. Battistella highlighted that there was a good acceptance regarding the claims, "The Government is committed to developing a program for the development of Canola. They showed an outline of a project and next months, the broadcasting of a national level of incentives will happen in order to develop this crop harder."

The Chamber provided special attention to initiatives that are being developed in Passo Fundo (RS) and region, and that result in the foundation of the Association. "The actions towards canola improvement are focused in the national territory as a project of diversification of the crop that worked right," evaluated the Chief Executive Officer.

In the end of the activity, a technical meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) and the National Association of Vegetable Defense (ANDEF), which objective was to obtain all records of pesticides used in the crop, was marked. "The aim of this meeting is to ensure that the farmer may use all his products duly registered in the crop," said Battistella. The meeting counted on the presentation of some initiatives of producers from the mid-west of Brazil for the production of sunflower.