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Be8 Passo Fundo

Passo Fundo unit, in the north of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, is strategically in a region conducive to grain production and logistically well located, near road junction and with access to the railway. The site has a biodiesel production plant, grain processing and animal fat deodorization. 
The plant has production capacity of 468 million liters of biodiesel per year. The raw materials used are soybeans and animal fat. The Grain Processing plant has the capacity to process 3,200 tons of soybeans per day, producing mainly degummed oil and soybean meal.


Be8 Marialva

The Marialva plant, in the state of Paraná, has its strategic location, since the state is the third largest consumer of diesel in the country and is close to the first consumer, which is the State of São Paulo, besides being the second largest producer of oilseeds in Brazil, with a large presence of family agriculture. The unit has already been enlarged five times. Initially, at its inauguration in 2010, it had the capacity to produce 127 million liters of biodiesel/year, reaching 2021 with its capacity almost tripled, reaching 540 million liters of biodiesel/year. The raw materials used in the unit are soybean oil and animal fat.


Be8 Domdidier -Switzerland

The Friborg unit, in the city of Domdidier, Switzerland, is 100% automated and has an annual capacity to produce 5.6 million liters of biodiesel. Production has an important local role in offering an environmental solution to the issue of the appropriate disposal of Used Cooking Oil (UCO). Following the requirements of local legislation, the plant uses exclusively canola UCO and, to a lesser extent, sunflower as raw material. The plant is located in the Canton of Friborg, 121 km from the headquarters of Be8 Switzerland, in Geneva. The physical structure is approximately 1,500m², with a total area of 3,236m².


Be8 La Paloma

On January 5, 2023, the La Paloma Industrial Complex was acquired, a company located in La Paloma del Espíritu Santo, in the Department of Canindeyú, in Paraguay. The complex has the capacity to produce 7 million liters of biodiesel per year and has the capacity to crush 50 thousand tons of soybeans per year, producing around 38 thousand tons of bran, soy hulls and vegetable oil.