B5 is reality already

Fuel posts from all country are already working with the addition of 5% biodiesel in diesel oil, named B5. As it was announced by the President of the country Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, the mixture that increases the proportion of biofuel in diesel anticipates the goal of the Programa Nacional de Produção e Uso do Biodiesel in three years. The expectation of the Ministério da Agricultura is that, with the increase in the percentage of mixture, biodiesel consumption reaches 2.4 billion liters in 2010.

For the chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, anticipation is "because we have productive capability with quality and because we have raw material available", he concluded. Therefore, Brazil, this year, consolidates itself as one of the main biodiesel producers and consumer, using 5% in all national territory already", concluded.

Battistella still said that the producers, represented by Ubrabio (União Brasileira do Biodiesel) are searching a new mark on the regulation for the sector. He emphasized that "it has demanded that the percentage is raised to 10% in a planned increase, and that all diesel consumed in a large center can have a percentage of up to 20% biodiesel, then contributing to pollution reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions CO2, because biodiesel is a renewable energy that pollutes much less than fossil fuels".