Biodiesel was the Brazilian industrial product that grew the most

Among 2007 and 2010, biodiesel was the most commercialized industrial product in the whole Brazilian market. During these four years, the value of Sales of this fuel multiplied by eight. The finding comes from data collected by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) contained in the recent broadcasted edition 2010 of the Yearly Industrial Research.

Among 2007 and 2010, biodiesel was the product that recorded the greatest growth in sales, passing from the 382nd position in the ranking, elaborated by the research of IBGE, to the 53rd position. In 2010, 2.2 million ton of biodiesel were sold for a total value of R$ 4,59 billion - in 2007, the total was R$ 576 million. Such growth is remarkable, even on the horizon of less time. In 2009, the sales were 36% lower than they were in 2010, reaching a total of R$ 2,9 billion.

The Brazilian states that benefit the most with the sales of biodiesel in 2010 were Rio Grande do Sul and Goiás - which billed R$ 1,3 billion and R$ 1,01 billion respectively. In 2009, the greatest sellers were Rio Grande do Sul and Mato Grosso.

Although positive, the result is predictable because it makes part of the period of implantation of the compulsory mixture in Brazil, according to determination of the National Program of Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB). In 2008, B2 came compulsory and, after successive goals anticipations by the federal government, B5 was in force on January 1st, 2010.

Biodiesel sales are tied to diesel, the main industrial product in the country. In 2010, the value of total sales of industrial products was R$ 1,5 trillion, only diesel represented R$ 44,5 billion in sales.


Fábio Rodrigues -