Biodiesel will be the theme of debate at Expointer

On the agenda, agriculture and livestock contribution to cleaner sources of energy, which diversify the Brazilian energetic matrix and pollute less

The Association of Biodiesel Producers of Brazil (APROBIO) participates in the next week of the 35th edition of Expointer in Esteio (RS), together with seminar "Biodiesel in Agro-energy", in partnership with the Secretry of Agriculture, Livestock and Agro-business of Rio Grande do Sul.

The idea is to discuss the entrance of biodiesel in the Brazilian energetic matrix, its environmental, social and economic benefits, besides the impacts on the chain of fuel supply of the country.

This Seminar will count on lectures of the director of the Brazilian Center of Infrastructure, Rafael Schechtman; the deputy chief of Transference and Technology of Embrapa Agro-energy, José Manuel Cabral de Sousa Dias; and the advisor of APROBIO, Alexandre Pereira da Silva. The secretary of Agriculture of Rio Grande do Sul, Luiz Fernando Mainardi, the federal representative, Jerônimo Göergen, the president of the Parliamentary Front of Biodiesel, state and federal parliamentary, the businessmen of the sector and farmers of supply cooperatives of raw material for biofuel will also be present. Yet, the State Ministers of Agriculture, Mendes Ribeiro Filho, and Rural Development, Pepe Vargas, the governor of the State, Tarso Genro, the mayors of Porto Alegre, José Fortunati, and Esteio, Gilmar Rinaldi were invited.

At the end of the lectures, there will be a table of debates with the lecturers, which will count on the presence of Professor Dilson Antônio Bisognin, coordinator of Rural Policies of the State Secretry of Agriculture.

The event will happen on Thrusday 29th at the auditorium of the Sindicato das Indústrias de Máquinas e Implementos Agrícolas do Estado (SIMERS) at the Park of Exhibitions Assis Brasil, in Esteio, in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre, 16 kilometers from the gaúcha capital.