Brazil was the second greater producer of biodiesel in the world in 2010

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) announced, in the edition of June of the Monthly Bulletin of Renewable Fuels, that Brazil became the second greater producer of biodiesel last year. Besides, the country has already become the largest consumer market of this biofuel during 2011.

The Brazilian plants produced 2.4 billion liters of biodiesel last year, only 7.7% less than the 2.6 billion produced by Germany in the same period. Argentina ranked the third position with a production of 2.1 billion.


Considering the production of biofuels as a whole, Brazil also ranks the second position, according to the Bulletin. The total Brazilian production of 2010 was 30.4 billion liters, surpassed by the United States only, with 51.3 billion liters. Germany appears in third position.

Partly, the good results in the segment of biodiesel in Brazil may be explained by the domestic demand for diesel which has been improved - before a fall in the German consumption. Taking into account the period between January and April only, the Brazilians consumed 786 million liters of biodiesel while the Germans consumed 762 million liters.

Source: Biodiesel BR