BSBIOS: 5 years generating employment in the region

BSBIOS founded in April 15 2005 has the purpose of producing biodiesel by means of a innovative project that trusted in the potential of the renewable energy. In the first stage of the project, it was invested in the construction of a modern plant strategically located in Passo Fundo/RS, near the soy bean and canola production, its main sources of raw material.

In June 12, 2007, the official production of biodiesel in the plant of BSBIOS commenced. Its current production capacity is more than 160 million liters of biodiesel per year. The industry has an assembled laboratory, where it is possible to achieve all tests and analysis, certifying the efficacy of the production process. Currently, BSBIOS employs, directly, more than 130 employees.

Oils processed has soybean as the main raw material, therefore, the industry encourages, through the Foster Sector, alternative crops, mainly canola. Thus, it fosters the familiar agriculture and also other farmers, moving the economy across the region. BSBIOS owns the Social Fuel seal, provided by the Ministério do Desenvolvimento Agrário - MDA to producers of biodiesel that promote social inclusion and the regional development by means of employment and income generation for farmers who fit in the criteria of the Programa Nacional de Fortalecimento da Agricultura Familiar - Pronaf.

To the Chief Executive Officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, the company is proud of being from Passo Fundo and collaborate with the sustainable development of the region. "With the production of biodiesel it is possible to aggregate value to grains that are produced in Passo Fundo and the whole region, thus, we always made it clear that we are an industry of regional coverage, with that, oil plants end up being profitable to producers, besides generating employment and income to workers", he asserted. "In five years we are a company consolidated in renewable energy, as we are in the stage of expanding business and we are nationally recognized. We acquired the plant of Marialva in Paraná in the begining of 2009, through legal recovery process and this plant was chosen by Petrobras Biocombustível (Pbio) for equal partnership in the production of biodiesel. BSBIOS was the first Petrobras' association, the greatest company in Brasil, with a renewable energy company", emphasizes Battistella.

The moment of expansion can also be seen in the plant of Passo Fundo, with the progress of the work of the second stage preseen in the initial project which includes the receipt, storage and grain crusher, where byproducts of oil plants crushed for the production of biodiesel will be processed (soybean and canola).

To the Chief Executive Officer, this stage is strategic, "with this plant being done we will provide the chain verticalization, using new technologies, allowing the crushing of other crops besides soybean and for us that is very important because we believe in our crop diversification program", he said.

When the project is concluded, it is intended to accomplish all the process in a single place for the production of biodiesel, from the receipt of grains in granaries or waggons directly from the crops or storage facilities and cooperatives, to the final product, that is, biodiesel ready for distribuition. To the Board of Directors chairman Antônio Roso "BSBIOS is a young company that has grown in a sustainable manner, and at this moment, we are looking the whole grain productive chain to the final product that is biodiesel. And, with that, we are satisfied because we could reach goals which have been establihed by the BSBIOS Board of Directors", he asserted.

With an investment of R$100 million, BSBIOS shall employ, directly, more than 120 employees. Currently, nearly 400 outsourcing professionals are working. The forecast for the end of the unit is September 2010.