BSBIOS is 8 years old of foundation

aerea The company became reference in the national production of biodiesel. Over this period, the company increased with the creation of a new industrial unit, located in Marialva (PR). It verticalized its production through the grains processing, and it turned the association with Petrobras Biofuel official. Yet, it integrated the productive chain with the acquisition of grain origination units.

“It has been eight years of hard work that resulted in important achievements to the company as well as to the sector that consolidated as the clean energetic matrix in the country,” evaluated the chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella.

He also said that the consolidation of BSBIOS was possible because it counted on the contribution of a focused professional team of important partners who engaged for the achievement of the company’s goals.

Its production capacity is 350 million liters of biodiesel/year and it generates reflexes on the field and city. Its plants employ approximately 600 direct collaborators, and generate several indirect jobs. The plants also benefit small farmers who count on biofuel production incentives. At least 35% of all acquisition of the grains is a result from the production of around 15 thousand Family farmers and soybean and canola producers in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná.

Battistella emphasizes that the company tried to diversify its activities in order to meet and approach the whole productive chain. “We invested in grains origination, services, and in the sale of inputs and seeds, so we counted on 18 grains reception units, in the North of Rio Grande do Sul,” he spoke. The unit has static capacity to storage 400 thousand tons of grains and 66 thousand tons of bran.

To the chairperson of Petrobras Biofuel and the Council of Management of BSBIOS, Miguel Rossetto, “Today we are celebrating eight years of work, reinforcing a strategy of growing. Nowadays, BSBIOS is a reference in the sector. We are going to increase our production of biodiesel and advance in the agenda of bio-products like lubricants”, he asserted.