BSBIOS acquired grains and seeds origination

anuncio planalto In order to approach the rural producer, BSBIOS have diversified its activities through grains origination, services, sale of inputs and seeds. Therefore, it acquired 14 units that belonged to Adubos Coxilha in the North region of Rio Grande do Sul state. As a result of this initiative, the company started to count on 18 service stations to the farmer in order to maintain customers and make the production transportation easier.

“This initiative leads BSBIOS to open new businesses, which are important to the segment where it has already been working, thus the company starts to act closer the productive chain of agro-energy,” states the chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella.

The executive emphasizes that the units are prepared to receive soybean, maize, wheat, canola and barley crops. “The union of the qualified teams is now accessible to the famers, promoting the ideal partnership between the producer and the industry”, he asserts. The employees who already acted in the units will stay working at the same place as collaborators of Group BSBIOS.

The following reception units will integrate BSBIOS, to wit: Valinhos in Passo Fundo, Água Santa, Três Pinheiro in Sananduva, Muitos Capões, Capão Bonito do Sul, Lagoa Vermelha, Esmeralda, Tapejara, Capo-Erê in Erechim, Sertão, Charrua, Rio Telha in Ibiaça, Engenho Grande in Água Santa and Vila Lângaro. The company owns units in Caseiros, Cruzaltinha in Ciríaco, and Boqueirão and Distrito Industrial in Passo Fundo as well.