BSBIOS and Emater/RS sign contract

Emater is responsible for soybean classification

On Friday afternoon (12/09), the contract of audit and vegetable product analysis service was signed, at BSBIOS headquarter. The chairman of Emater/RS, Lino De David, and the technical and managing directors of the Institution, Gervásio Paulus and Valdir Zonin, respectively and the Chief Executive Officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella were present. Emater/RS-Ascar, which already participates in the Program of Canola Development in the region now, is also responsible for classification of the soybean BSBIOS purchases from producers of the region.

CEO Battistella commented that, before, the service was accomplished by a multinational. "We are happy for having Emater to achieve this service, thus classification strengthens the partnership even more ", he said.

De David emphasized that the service of Classification and Certification of Emater/RS owns Inmetro certification to achieve grain storage as well, which is a service that can be provided to BSBIOS later. The service of Classification and Certification of Emater/RS-Ascar has also ISO 9000 to fulfill classification. "BSBIOS is committed to purchasing everything is produced here in the region, and this helps to develop economy here. I think this logic is correct, we shall not export raw material but aggregate value", stated the chairman of Emater/RS, Lino De David. Battistella concluded the meeting by saying that formality is important, but partnership and confidence is what motivates the most.

In the team of representatives of Emater/RS-Ascar, the regional manager and assessor, Milton Rossetto and Jorge Buffon, respectively, and the manager of the Classification and Certification Unit of Passo Fundo, Airton Polippo, were also present.