BSBIOS and UPF made a partnership agreement for the development of projects

This Thursday afternoon (17), the Dean of the University of Passo Fundo, José Carlos Carles de Souza, visited the industrial installations of BSBIOS. The objective was to strengthen ties for the development of future projects through partnership between the institution and the industry.

The Dean stated that since he started to work at the university, he is in charge of approaching the institution to the community, and to those inserted in it. "UPF wishes to increasingly be close to the industries of our city, therefore, it offers its structure and professors so that they contribute with the development of research and projects necessary to the area," he emphasized. Souza also highlighted that some professors are already achieving some researches for the production of biofuels, biodiesel and ethanol, through algae. The CEO of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, was pleased to receive the Dean and stressed the university interest in acting in partnership with the industry. "This support is very important to us, research is important to the sector," he said. "Several projects can be developed, as in agronomy, mechanical engineering, biology, among other subjects," he stated. Battistella, who is also the president of the Brazilian Association of Canola Producers - ABRASCANOLA, spoke about the possibility of extending the partnership to Embrapa. Canola is a winter crop for the production of Biodiesel that has been developed in the state and, at this moment, needs this support for the generation of new hybrids to the crop. "We are sure that through the involvement of these three pillars we will advance even more with Canola growth," asserted Battistella.

Soon, new meetings will be accomplished among professionals for ongoing projects.