BSBIOS consolidates as the first great biodiesel exporter in Brazil

bio exportação BSBIOS consolidates as the first great biodiesel exporter in Brazil


Industry exports 8 thousand tons more of biofuel to Europe



BSBIOS joined the route of world biodiesel export, leading the segment in the country. The company closed a great export of biofuel, a total of 8 thousand tons of biodiesel that are going to be exported to Europe.



The chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, reported about the expectation towards this new Market the company has been conquering. “This is an important moment for our company, a historic moment for the sector, we are very happy for closing this first great export. Mainly because our company is Brazilian and was created after the National Program of Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB) and, as I have always said, it is thoroughbred biodiesel,” he asserted.



This new shipments of biodiesel have already begun, it occurred soon after the first biodiesel export for commercial purposes in the country, which was accomplished by BSBIOS on June 25th to the Netherlands.



Battistella emphasizes that some factors were important to determine the choice for brand BSBIOS, to wit: “The quality of our product, which is a different product in the market, and yet, because we could optimize the logistics issue,” he spoke.



“It is clear that if the productive sector has conditions it is subsequently able to meet part of the European market,” said the businessperson, who is also the president of APROBIO – Association of Biodiesel Producers of Brazil.



BSBIOS takes the Market opportunity, when the quotation of vegetable oils was reduced, and the rise of the dollar in the last few days, resulted in this first great export of biodiesel. “Therefore, in order to become more competitive, we need to make fiscal and tax adjustments and to deal with the barriers of restricting entries of biodiesel in Europe,” concluded Battistella.