BSBIOS contributes to continue the vaccination campaign of the Sesi

Company has made available a private aircraft for the transport of vaccines

Restrictive measures to combat Covid-19 have had a major impact on the supply chain, as well as on land and air logistics. The supply of vaccines, besides being inserted in this general context, has found high demand throughout the country. As a way to contribute to this difficulty, the BSBIOS industry, from Passo Fundo, has made available a private aircraft to transport vaccines from the influenza immunization campaign of the Social Service of Industry (Sesi-RS).

The president of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, stressed that the initiative aimed to collaborate with the well-being and health of industry workers in the region, who can be immunized next week. "Right now, it is our duty to join forces for the greater good, we are doing everything in our power to contribute. Industry workers are vital to society, they continue to work day and night to ensure supplies of basic needs such as food, fuel, biofuels, among others," said the entrepreneur, sensitized to the cause.

Because of the initiative, more than 10 thousand vaccines will be delivered, by the end of Friday (27), so that thousands of workers and their dependents are immunized. Sesi-RS also set up an operation to receive vaccines in Passo Fundo and, through its mobile units equipped for this purpose, perform the distribution of available doses. "We are taking all necessary measures to restore the flow of service, assuming the commitment to safeguard the safety and quality of our service," said The Superintendent of Sesi-RS, Juliano Colombo.

Other actions

Last Wednesday (25), BSBIOS donation 2,000 pairs of latex gloves to the hospitals of Passo Fundo: the São Vicente de Paulo Hospital (HSVP) and Passo Fundo Clinic Hospital (HCPF). Each hospital received 1,000 gloves, which will be used as prevention equipment for the new coronavirus (Covid-19) by the health professionals who work in them. The company also donated, on Thursday (26), to the Restaurant of Fatima, near the company's unit, gel alcohol, gloves and masks. The restaurant caters to truckers who make deliveries and unload products in the company.

Another initiative was a donation made on February 27 to the University of Passo Fundo - UPF, of ten blades of acetate, which will be used in the making of masks - facial protectors. With the material it will be possible to produce about 300 units of EPIs, which will be given to hospitals and health centers. This type of mask is more efficient, because in addition to protecting the mouth and the nose, also guards the eyes, besides being reusable.