BSBIOS delivers bus to APAE in Passo Fundo

apae20 During a ceremony on this Thursday afternoon (16), at the Association of Parents and Friends of Disabled Children - APAE of Passo Fundo/RS, BSBIOS and the Labor Court delivered to the entity a bus that will transport the users. At the occasion, it was also inaugurated a new access porch and the new space of School O Sorriso do Amanhã.


The president of the entity, Silvia Portillo, thanked the partners that collaborated so that the goals and objectives were reached. “If today we can inaugurate these improvements, which make the quality of our services feasible, it was because there was a joint effort of many people, entities and companies that believed in the importance of our work,” spoke the president.



The chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, who spoke on behalf of all partners, highlighted the importance of contributing with an entity that fulfills an important role in society. “We are happy for helping the entity in the accomplishment of our improvements, providing conditions for us to treat these users who are so important and deserve our attention,” he said.



The chief financial officer of BSBIOS, Roberto Becker, stated that it is clear that the Association is an example in its function. “It is clear that these people are happy, they are spontaneous, we realize that they receive much love and care from everybody and consequently we receive their kindness too,” said Becker.



The bus, model Apache, manufactured by Caio, with chassis of Mercedes Benz, was acquired by the entity through the donation of resources of BSBIOS, a biodiesel industry, and from the Labor Court, by means of values resulting from fines. The vehicle has capacity to transport 36 people and it is fitted with elevator to provide better access to the users of the entity, transporting until five wheelchair users.



The new access porch, which offers more security and comfort to the users, was built with resources from Gourmets Dinner 2011. Yet, the new space of the School, that counts on three restrooms, six classrooms and a dining hall, was improved with resources from the Municipal Fund of Children and Teenagers’ Rights – Fundica, and from Program Nota Fiscal Gaúcha.



APAE Passo Fundo is committed with providing medical, psychological and social assistance to people with mental or multiple disabilities. Approximately 300 users from zero to 65 years old, dwellings of Passo Fundo, Mato Castelhano and Coxilha attend the entity.