BSBIOS enables producers for the production of Canola in Caseiros

The company improves the crop, provides technical assistance with producers and guarantees grain purchase

On Thursday evening (23), the unit of grain reception of BSBIOS in Caseiros (RS) was the host of the Technical Encounter with Producers for Canola Growth promoted by BSBIOS. The objective of the event was to enable producers and technicians of the region of Caseiros, Vacaria and Esmeralda to be able to plant the crop. More than 50 guests could watch a presentation with data of the company, technical aspects of canola and information on grain commercialization. After the exhibition a fraternization dinner occured. According to the unit responsible, commercial analyst Tiago Oliveira da Rosa, encounters like this one are important to clear doubts about the crop. "We realized that producers were very interested, thus canola is a profitable alternative for the period and, this is a good moment to program the crop," he stated.

BSBIOS improve the crop, accomplishes technical assistance with producers and guarantees the purchase of grains. To family farmers, the company still offers benefits and bonuses. The company achieves the acquisition of at minimum 30% of its raw material from small producers.

Canola is a winter vegetable oil crop, according to the agro-climatic zoning, the period of planting in the region begins on the second fortnight of April. Canola fits perfectly in the rotation system of crops for grains production, being an excellent option of growth in the South region, because it reduces phytossanitary problems and benefit productivity of subsequent crops. Grains produced in Brazil have from 24 to 27% of protein and from 34 to 40% of oil. The producers who are interested in growing canola can contact the unit of grain reception in Caseiros, by phone 54 3353-1211.

VIº Course of Training and Broadcast of Technology in Canola

BSBIOS in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Canola Producers (ABRASCANOLA) and the Sustainable Regional Development Group (DRS) will promote the VI Course of Training and Broadcast of Technology in Canola that will be held on March 15th, from 8:00 am to 06:00 pm, in the auditorium of Embrapa-Trigo, in Passo Fundo/RS. Registration is in the venue for R$ 10,00 (ten reals), lunch included.