BSBIOS forms the first English class In Company

Last Friday (08), in the auditorium of the company, there was a graduation ceremony of the first English class offered by BSBIOS to its collaborators. The classes were taught by Professor Leonardo Martinez, twice a week for two years.

The group was comprised of 10 collaborators from the most diverse areas of the industry. The speaker of the class, Leandro Zat, emphasized the opportunity they had to study English. "The company was important so that we could learn other language. Also, it provided us all encouragement we needed to develop, we had time available for our classes, material and the course was free," he said.

In his lecture, Professor Martinez spoke in English with the translation being made to the audience by student Jefferson Wilney Lusa. The master asserted that "the class became part of his family, I thank BSBIOS and its directors for the opportunity of developing my job, I am happy for checking the result through this translation achieved here."

The Chief Executive Officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, emphasized the good will of the class. "I am aware of how difficult it is learning another language, congratulations for you all for accomplishing this stage. I believe that with this opportunity your communication in other countries will be easier", he said.

The ceremony was concluded with the presentation of a video where the graduates sang "Stand By Me" in English. Classes continue to be offered to the graduates to improve their English, as well as for beginners.