BSBIOS fulfills good businesses at Expodireto

During five days at Expodireto Cotrijal 2010, the stand of BSBIOS was quite visited, receiving thousands visitors from tours, farmer producers, technicians and agronomists, authorities, among them the Secretário do Estado da Agricultura e Abastecimento João Carlos Machado and the president of Emater/RS Mário Augusto Ribas do Nascimento.

The rural producers and cooperatives also took the opportunity to close good businesses aiming at canola crops of 2010. Partnerships for growing in an area superior to 10.000 hectares in 40 towns of the region were closed. Yet, three cooperation terms for crop financing were signed with Banco do Brasil, Banrisul and Sicredi, aiming at stimulating canola production, with the energetic purpose of meeting the programa nacional de produção de biodiesel - PNPB.

A partnership with Emater, for the development of joint actions for implementing inputs project, divulgation and technical support for canola crop, offering alternative for the development with adequate protection to the environment through integration of all people involved, was closed as well.

For the chief executive officer of BSBIOS Erasmo Carlos Battistella, Expodireto represents an excellent space for the accomplishment of businesses, "the fair is a great opportunity for us to approach with all elements of the productive chain in one local, a way to disseminate canola crop and formalize partnerships and good businesses with the purpose of bioenergy", he asserted.