BSBIOS fulfills three years production

It has been three years the production of biodiesel begun in Passo Fundo/RS by BSBIOS Indústria e Comércio de Biodiesel Sul Brasil S/A. The company was one of the first to bet on renewable energy as a manner to transform the energetic reality of the country and development to the North region of Rio Grande do Sul and to contribute to the reduction of pollutant gases in the environment.

The chief executive officer of BSBIOS Erasmo Carlos Battistella states that in the beginning, many challenges happened. "The country crawled in the area of biodiesel after many years this important energetic matrix had been forgotten, each new step has been marked by many difficulties. Today, with the recognition of the social, economic and environmental value of biodiesel, we try to enlarge its use in the Brazilian fleet, we wish to reach 2020 with the B20, that is, the addition of 20% biodiesel in diesel consumed in the country," stressed Battistella.

With biodiesel consolidation it was also possible to set the biodiesel industrial plant installed in Passo Fundo today, with a production capability of 159 million liters/year, where 270 million liters were produced so far, and to begin the second stage of the project with the construction of the crusher machine, aiming at verticalizing the productive chain of renewable fuel. The initiative brings out reflexes in the region, employing more than 140 people directly, besides 300 vacancies approximately in civil construction and involving more than 7 thousand farmer families and 15 cooperatives for the supplying of raw material, soybean and canola. For Leandro Zat, coordinator of the Supply Department, who has been working at BSBIOS since 2006, the company increase showed to be solid and efficient in few years. "BSBIOS commenced in a moment when there were many doubts on the segment with the inclusion of the Programa Nacional de Biodiesel (PNB) in the country, it was a challenging project which brought opportunities to its employees who were encouraged to seek for new knowledge. When I arrived at the company, at the time of the fundamental rock, this ground was an open field, earthwork was being made, it had a quick increase with the construction of the industrial plant, what demanded everybody's devotion", asserted Zat.

He remembers with satisfaction the commencing of the production, "one of the first successful moments for employees was the production of the first drop of biodiesel which was widely publicized and it was a pride to everybody. Today we can see that the brand BSBIOS is strengthened in the market, we have credibility because of the organizational culture included in the planning and analysis of the market that we propose and fulfill. I believe that, despite being a young company, we are already an expression in the country and will soon conquer new levels" said Zat.

BSBIOS Marialva

On May 14th, the industrial plant BSBIOS Marialva was inaugurated, located in the North of Paraná in a partnership with Petrobras Biofuel (PBio) where each one of the companies holds 50% participation. The unit has the capability to produce 127 million liters of biodiesel/year. The total investment in this project was R$ 100 million.