BSBIOS grows in the ranking of the thousand best companies in the country

BSBIOS is in the list of the 1000 best companies in the country according to the special edition of Magazine Exame since last year when it conquered the 982nd position. In this edition it appears in the 794th, one of the largest in sales, with a turnover of US$ 233.4 million, recording an increase of 30.1% in comparison with the previous year. The ranking is based on the data of 2009. According to the chief executive officer of BSBIOS Erasmo Carlos Battistella, it is important the focus for the second consecutive year. "We are a young company with only three years turnover in the market and for the second time we are in the ranking of the thousand best companies of Brazil. This top position shows that we are in the correct pathway, we are proud of this achievement, next year we intend to reach better positions", he asserted. Since 1995, magazine Exame has achieved one publication with the ranking of the 1000 best companies in the country. In order to rank the companies, many indexes are used for the calculation like adjusted total asset, net capital, shareholding control, Sales increase, employees, company excellence, profit, inheritance and productivity among other items. The data collection occurred in 3000 companies approximately, what resulted in almost 700 pages and more than one kilo analysis on the economy and the Brazilian business ambient.