BSBIOS is honored for its social action

cantata Christmas seems distant since within less than a week Easter will be celebrated. Therefore, its solidary spirit echoes. A ceremony that took place at Escola Notre Dame Menino Jesus, in Passo Fundo (RS), on Friday (22), confirms that. Around 600 children and teenagers received the schools kits donated by the communities and companies of Carazinho and Passo Fundo to Ação Social da Cantata Natalina.

The ceremony was attended by representatives, sponsors and supporters of the event. Yet, students of seven municipal institutions were present at the event – Fundamental Schools Arlindo de Souza Matos, Benoni Rosado, Daniel Dipp, Fredolino Chimango, Irmã Maria Catarina, Marcelino Bortolin and Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

The chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, emphasizes that the principle of the company is to contribute to the development of communities in which it is included. “Cantata Natalina is a beautiful example of how to fulfill solidary actions for the community,” said the businessman.

Coordinator Ir. Maria Pin gave thanks for the solidarity of those who exchanged a kit by an official T-shirt of Cantata Natalina da Família. The effort of sponsors and supporters, which has turned this evangelizing show real for more than 160 people for six years, was also recognized. They received pictures as a symbol of gratitude from the hands of students who represented the benefitted children and teenagers while they listened a significant “Thank you very much” in one voice.

The Municipal Secretary of Education, Edemilson Brandão, highlighted that “This moment is very important for colleagues to meet in solidarity”, he spoke.

At the end of the ceremony, the students received the solidary kits, which contained personalized book bags, drawing notebook, notebook, children literature book, pencil case, pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, color pencil or crayon, biscuits and candies. Besides these benefitted children, other 1400 children will receive the kits with school material, from these ones 1000 are from Passo Fundo and 400 from Carazinho.