BSBIOS inaugurates units

unidade passo fundo inauguração On Tuesday evening (03/12), the unit of BSBIOS located in district Valinhos, in Passo Fundo (RS) was inaugurated. The activity gathered producers of the region that could meet the team and the way grains, pesticides and fertilizers are commercialized. It was the first of the fourteen inaugurations the company will accomplish the next days.

Erasmo Carlos Battistella spoke about the origin of the company which objective is the production of biodiesel, having grains like soybean as raw material. “This is an important step, that is, approaching the farmer in order to grow as a company, that was our goal when we started our business at BSBIOS, and now, we have achieved it, fortunately,” he emphasized.

The unit has static storage capacity of 72 thousand tons and a railroad by-pass for the production transportation. This local has capacity to receive soybean, maize, wheat, barley and canola, besides making feasible to customers the commercialization of inputs. At total, it has storage capacity of 430 thousand tons of grains. The company will still produce seeds of barley, wheat and soybean in the unit of Lagoa Vermelha. They estimate that the annual turnover of the new business will be 300 million.

“This is an important moment that marks the beginning of the Works in the unit, we want to keep closer to the farmers,” asserted Battistella.

The secretary of Economic Development of Passo Fundo, Carlos Eduardo Lopes da Silva, stated that this festive activity confirms the success of this Young company, which is BSBIOS. “This investment let us clear the position of the company, which is to aggregate value to the chain, bringing return to the community and making agribusiness successful in the region,” emphasized Silva.