BSBIOS: Industry of biodiesel is seven years since its foundation

Company will be honored by the Legislative Assembly

On 15 of April, 2005, the story of this biodiesel industry named BSBIOS began. The idea of a new project in an unknown area was the reason for many people to be suspicious about, but it did not discourage the gauchos investors. The project, which was born in Passo Fundo (RS) crossed borders, reaching Paraná state, in the town of Marialva, and it strengthened because of the partnership with Petrobras Biofuel.

The chairman of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, remembers the initial stage of the company. "Uncertainty hung over the sector, thus the company was founded in the same time the National Program of Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB) was. The first moments were difficult, but forming an efficient team we overcame the obstacles," asserts the businessman.

The first chairman of BSBIOS and today the vice-president of the Council of Management, Antonio Roso, highlights that he is proud of celebrating BSBIOS' 7 years existence. "This is a moment to give thanks for the development of an entrepreneurial idea that came from the opportunity created by the market, by the learning even with difficulties, success, team work, growing opportunities and also celebrate one year more of history which was conquered day by day.

It is a pleasure to make part of this history and an honor to have BSBIOS as a growing and continuous project," emphasized Roso.

Nowadays, its industrial units have capacity to produce approximately 300 million liters of biodiesel/year. "Biodiesel is a renewable energy that must be considered as a green pre-salt in the countryside, thus there are thousands of producers offering the raw material necessary to produce this biofuel around each unit ", said Battistella.

The chairman still emphasized that the production of biodiesel is also source of food generation. Bran is originated from the extraction of vegetable oil, which serves as raw material for the production of cattle, poultry, swine, equine, caprine and ovine feed. "We generate energy and food at the same time", spoke the chairman. 2500 tons of grains per day are consumed at the gaucha unit, producing 2000 ton of bran daily and 480 tons of degummed oil.

The units employ more than 400 direct and more than 1000 indirect collaborators. The success of the unit influences the field, that is, 30% of all grains acquisition is a result of the production of fifteen thousand family farmers, producers of soybean and Canola in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná.

"We are all happy on the seventh anniversary of BSBIOS, which beginning is recognized by its entrepreneurial action. It grew with Petrobras Biofuel in Marialva, in Paraná, and then it continuous to grow in Passo Fundo and, today, it is considered as one of the largest companies of biodiesel in Brazil, collaborating and working for the development of Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná", spoke the chairman of Petrobras Biofuel and the Council of Management of BSBIOS, Miguel Rossetto.


On the next 17 of April, the company will receive an honor at the Legislative Assembly of the state of Rio Grande do Sul for its anniversary. It was the State Representative Diógenes Basegio's proposition and it will happen during the accomplishment of the Grande Expediente, in formal session, at 02:00 pm, at the Plenário Vinte de Setembro, Palácio Farroupilha, at the Legislative Assembly, in Porto Alegre (RS).