BSBIOS invests in increasing biodiesel production

The company, that closed another year as a leader in the segment, expands Passo Fundo and Marialva units


On the day that came into force in the country the increase in the percentage of minimum biodiesel mixture to 13% (B13), was published in the Official Gazette by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) the authorization of the new production capacity of 468 million liters of biodiesel per year in the headquarters unit of BSBIOS, in Passo Fundo (RS), or 1,300 m³ per day, which represented an increase of 13%.

In January, the Marialva unit, in Paraná, had also received authorization to increase capacity for the same volume. The two units can now produce 936 million liters of biodiesel per year. 

The Company's president, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, points out that the company is tracking the growth of the Brazilian market. "We believe in the potential of biodiesel, so we are making constant investments in our units. In addition to increasing the volume of production, we always try to bring more efficiency and sustainability to our industrial plants", said the entrepreneur.

 With this, BSBIOS is also hiring more people to work in its units. At the moment, the People Management area is recruiting 27 employees for Passo Fundo and 06 for the Marialva unit, in addition to 15 minor apprentices.

BSBIOS is the market leader in the country, having produced, in 2020, about 755 million liters of biodiesel, that is, 11.7% of the market share of Brazil, the third year in a row in the lead. "The year 2020, in which we completed 15 years of history, was challenging. Marked by the Coronavirus pandemic and the crop failure in Rio Grande do Sul, we face this scenario, by turning it into opportunities," Battistella said, highlighting the good management performance in the year.

In relation to grain crushing in the Passo Fundo Unit, more than 1 million tons of soybeans were processed, also resulting in soybean meal and vegetable oil production.


On March 1, the percentage of mandatory minimum addition of biodiesel mixture to fossil diesel was 1% from 12 to 13%. The measure is provided for in Resolution 16, 2018, of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE), which authorizes the ANP to raise this percentage up to 15%, which should occur in 2023.