BSBIOS is remembered as an important option to aggregate value to grain at the Expodireto opening

The opening of XIº Expodireto Cotrijal 2010 happened on this Monday morning (15/03), the pleasant weather attracted the visitors. The stand of BSBIOS was quite visited by farmers and cooperatives. The opening solemnity occurred in the middle of the morning and had the presence of several authorities like the Governor of the state Yeda Crusius, the chairman of the legislative assembly Giovani Cherini, the chairman of Expodireto Nei Mânica, the mayor of Não-Me-Toque Antônio Vicente Piva, the chief executive officer of BSBIOS Erasmo Carlos Battistella, secretaries of the State, federal deputies, state deputies, chairmen and entities, among others.

The chairman of Expodireto, Nei Mânica, emphasized the improvement of the fair, "every year there is an increase, this year there are 228 exhibitors, with an expectation of 170 thousand people. Every year we want to enlarge the fair which is already international", he said.

The chairman of the Legislative Assembly, the state deputy, Giovani Cherini, highlighted the importance of making ventures like BSBIOS valuable, "it is primordial to stress biofuels, initiative that happens in Passo Fundo, it is necessary that grains produced by farmers of Rio Grande do Sul remain in the state and are transformed in final product, aggregating income", he asserted.

The governor Yeda Crusius emphasized the party Expodireto is for agriculture, "I was always told that Expodireto was destined for business, but this year, there as an innovation with the Prize Troféu Brasil, with which I was one of the rewarded persons, but I would like to highlight the role the fair has, here it is the opportunity to celebrate the results obtained in the field with all included in the chain", he concluded.