BSBIOS is the centerpiece in yearbook

The yearbook of Passo Fundo 2008-2009, published by the Grupo Editorial O Nacional, brings information on several segments of the city largest in the North region of Rio Grande do Sul. Relevant aspects linked to business, services, health, education and industry among others, are highlighted in the publishing. BSBIOS receives centerpiece in the industrial segment. The yearbook emphasizes the following text:

BSBios producing biodiesel to Brazil

Created in 2005, BSBios began to produce biodiesel two years later. With a modern plant and laboratory provided with high-technology, it has capacity to produce more than 150 million liters/year of biodiesel from soybean, canola and sunflower. The company works to be the largest producer of biodiesel in Brazil.

BSBios acts in the local and regional market by commercializing cereals, achieving grain and vegetable oil purchase. It uses, as main raw material, the vegetable oil extracted from soybean. Yet, it develops an implantation project of alternative crops, through its development sector, encouraging other crops growth, like canola and sunflower, due to the largest content of oil. The grain reception unit achieves the soybean, sunflower, canola, wheat and maize purchase. The Development Sector works together with this unit, which is responsible for interaction with farmers.

The company was one of the first to receive the Social Fuel Stamp, keeping close relationship with family agriculture, from which it acquires around 30% raw material. Besides creating income to small farmers it contributes to the permanence of families in the field and participates in the Programa Nacional de Produção de Biodiesel. A new stage is being set at BSBios with the construction of a grain crusher, what will provide more agility to the process biodiesel production, then allowing producers to achieve the delivery of grains directly in the processing unit.