BSBIOS: New management of CIPA takes office

Working in prevention is much more intelligent than correcting mistakes

Last Friday (20), Management 2012/2013 of the Internal Committee of Accident Prevention - CIPA of BSBIOS took office. The committee is consisted of eight members and eight substitutes, and Alexandre Schmidt as the chairman of mechanical maintenance.

The chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, highlighted how important CIPA is to the company and its collaborators. "Working in prevention is more intelligent than correcting mistakes or trying to solve the accidents. And, in this sense, CIPA's actions are important, thus they do not act in the prevention of accidents only, but to guarantee people's mental balance as well" he emphasized. He still emphasized that the collaborators are the base for the company's success and their well-being and health are important as well. That is why the company invests a lot. The president who took office, Alexandre Schmidt, highlighted that the team is very motivated to work next year. "We will make our efforts to reach our greater goal which is zero accident at BSBIOS, in order to make the collaborators return to their homes the same way they have left them, that is, mental and physically healthy," he said.

The chairman of Management 2011/2012, Matheus Braz Menezes, in his farewell speech thanked for the opportunity he was given and the team for being committed with all actions. "We count on partners to achieve our work, like SESMT, the managers and the teams of the sectors, and this was very important, thus it helps us to exchange information, which is very important to make the collaborators aware with respect to security," asserted Menezes, who also took the opportunity to wish success to the new management.

The following collaborators make part of the new management: Alexandre Schmidt (President), Indaiara Medeiros da Silva (Vice-President), Ana Rubia M. Luiz (Secretary), Selmar Gonçalves da Silva, Paulo Biulchi, Jean Carlo Maciel, Diandra Balbinot and Derli Sichelero. And, as substitutes: Mauro Dalpozzo, Giovani A. A. Marinho, Morgana Flores, Queli E. de Brum, Joel Krupinski, Alexandre de B. Pedroso,Daiane Culmann e Daniel Auler.