BSBIOS participa da Vª Expoacisa

BSBIOS was present in the fifth edition of the Exposição do comércio, indústria, serviços e agronegócio - Expoacisa, that happened from 20 to 22 of November 2009, at Bourbon Shopping, in Passo Fundo (RS). The stand was visited by the event visitors, mainly, to know the maquette which shows the future installations of BSBIOS that have been built to shelter soybean, canola, castor bean and sunflower grain extraction, together with the headquarter on BR-285, Km 174.

The chief executive officer Erasmo Battistella, emphasized that the company participates in the exhibition as a manner to present and stand for the potential of Passo Fundo. "We are in the event in order to stimulate Expoacisa, which shows what has been produced in Passo Fundo, hometown of BSBIOS", he asserted.

The Vth Expoacisa counted on the participation of 120 exhibitors, in an area of 2400 m², at Bourbon Shopping. During three days of the event approximately 25000 people visited the exhibition.