BSBIOS participates in the 2nd Fenafrango

BSBIOS will be present at the 2nd Feira Nacional do Frango (Fenafrango), from 25 to 30 of May 2010, at the Wolmar Salton Exhibition Park, in Passo Fundo. The stand is at the green pavilion, next to the poultry house model. It will be possible to know the productive chain of biodiesel and the incentives the industry offers to agricultural producers, mainly for canola growth.

To the Chief Executive Officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, it is very grateful to be present at events that support agricultural activities. "Fenafrango is an initiative that reaches out the BSBIOS ideals, thus it encourages an important chain, that is, poultry production, which is quite extensive and diversified, including soybean and maize production for animal food, what contributes to the viability of keeping the man in field and developing the region", he asserted.

Besides the stand of BSBIOS, the fair also brings an exhibition of all poultry production chain and parallel events, like the Festival Gastronômico, 6th Encontro Estadual de Produtoras Rurais e Provas do Cavalo Crioulo. The event happens until next Sunday (30) from 8:00 am to 06:00 pm. Entrance is free.