BSBIOS in partnership with UPF for a volleyball team

Time de Volei January 10th, 2013 will be marked in the Passo-Fundense sport history. The capital of the mid-plateau will count on a female volleyball team. The partnership between BSBIOS biodiesel industry, Passo Fundo University (UPF) and Passo Fundo Sport Recreational Association of Volleyball was signed this morning. The new team named UPF/BSBIOS will be trained by sport trainee Gilberto Bellaver.

“BSBIOS is honored in participating in this partnership that values athletes who are being formed in Passo Fundo and region. This is a model which must be used for other Sport activities,” emphasized the chief executive officer of the company, Erasmo Carlos Battistella.

The objective of the team is to include the athletes formed in the base categories through Project Sacada Inteligente, which is developed by Notre Dame School and Association, and it has the support of the Olympic champion, Gustavo Endres. BSBIOS will be together with the children team, which will be called Notre Dame/BSBIOS.

“This Sport has a great role in society, it is a way of calling our youngsters attention mainly, by making them develop as citizens in such a healthy way”, said the businessman.

“The main function of this team is to make the girls not to leave this city because of other Sport projects, and also, that Passo Fundo may enjoy the benefits of these base categories, providing continuity to the cycle which commenced 6 years ago”, said Bellaver.

“UPF has always provided support to Sport and, through this partnership, we have improved our actions. It is a pleasure for us to be together with BSBIOS, sharing the name of the team in this year when the university will be 45 years old,” asserted Dean José Carlos Carles de Souza.

The team will begin its training in the early February and, in 2013, it will compete the state championship, besides the municipal, interstate and national competitions.

BSBIOS will provide support to the team while UPF will provide it to the athletes, by providing 15 scholarships to the next three years, the gymnasium of sports of the Physical Education College and Physiotherapy for the training of the team and provision of the support material which is necessary for training.