BSBIOS presents the productive chain of biodiesel at Expodireto

Canola commercialization politics in 2010 will be presented at Expodireto

As BSBIOS has always been concerned with all productive chain of biodiesel it presents several stages until it reaches the process of manufacturing biofuel at Expodireto 2010. At the stand it is still possible to know all aspects of canola and soybean production, visitors can solve their doubts with the technicians of the company who will be at their disposal at the thematic stands.

There will be a demonstration of technology for canola sewing and harvest on the site, emphasizing crop cut management and windrowing, with equipment demonstrations showing the growth practice. The audience can still observe the season which presents the process of biodiesel.

During Expodireto 2010, BSBIOS will announce the commercialization politics that will be adopted for canola production this year. At the event, terms with Emater, Sicredi, Banrisul and Banco do Brasil will be signed in order to encourage the production of canola, which is a vegetable oil crop that has a great space for its growth in the south of the country, since it has many positive aspects, like liquidity, commercialization guarantee by BSBIOS and available technology, that uses the same resources as soybean and maize growth.

According to the chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, the idle area in the state, in the winter, is large. "During this period, from the 5 million hectares destined for rural production in Rio Grande do Sul, only 1.5 million ha is occupied with wheat and other crops. Therefore, it still remains a significant area for canola increase production", he stated.

For the Coordinator of the Development Department of BSBIOS, Agronomist, Fábio Jr. Benin, canola has passed the stage of being an alternative winter crop to be a vegetable oil crop with production established and climatic zoning area defined. "We believe in the potential that it has in the region, this crop, under the industry's perception, fits perfectly for the supply of vegetable oil for the production of biodiesel, aggregating soybean, allowing that all producers involved in the productive chain can glimpse their profit margins in the business", he concluded.