BSBIOS promotes value for the commercialization of Canola at Expodireto

Over the XIª Expodireto Cotrijal 2010, BSBIOS launched its commercialization politics for canola production, which is an important winter crop in this region, and that producers have already begun the growth area planning. In the stand, it is possible for the visitors to know vegetable oil crop and make their doubts clear by observing in loco demonstrations on canola sewing and harvest, emphasizing cut management and windrowing, with the equipments exposition, presenting the growth practice. The audience can also observe the station that shows the stages of biodiesel production.

For the producers who negotiate the growth of their areas with BSBIOS, the company will guarantee the value of R$40,00 a sack for the first 12 sacks per hectare, and for the remaining of the production, the value will be the price of the soybean sack. This way, the company guarantees to the rural producer commercialization, technical assistance and production costs coverage with fixed price for a part of the production. The contracts closed after Expodireto will have their commercialization with based price, the soybean sack value.