BSBIOS provides opportunities to young learners

Learning Program towards the preparation and insertion of youngsters in the job market


The first class of the Programa Jovem Aprendiz of BSBIOS started its labor activities last Tuesday (17). Youngsters and their relatives were welcomed with a breakfast at the Restaurant of the company. The Learning Program is towards the preparation and inclusion of youngsters in the market job, and it is supported by Law 10.097/2000.

During March, the twelve youngsters selected attended a course on work training at the Center of Integration Company-School - CIEE and, from this week on, they began to work in the company in the opposite shift of their school, four times per week, and during one day they will continue the course.

The chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, emphasized the opportunity the company is providing. "Today is a very important day to the company, we are receiving the first class of youngsters and this demands much responsibility. We wish this learning help the development and future hires," said the businessman.

"I feel confident in letting my daughter work at BSBIOS. The learners were welcomed and they will be treated very well. Here she will have experience, it is a great opportunity," said Clair de Fátima Vieira, mother of a young learner Daiane Vieira Godinho, 16 years old. "I am feeling good, it is a great place, everybody welcomed me with respect," said Daiane, who will achieve managing tasks in the company.

Taigor de Mello Rocha, 17 years old, emphasized that he wants to grow with the company, "I want to gain experience at BSBIOS". Angela Mª Fernandes de Mello,Taigor's mother said: "In the past, there were no opportunities like nowadays, I encourage him and I am also happy that my son works at the company,".

The young learners of BSBIOS, who are among 15 and 18 years old, will be at the company, achieving managing works during two years, when they will be periodically evaluated.