BSBIOS receives Prize Export RS

Biodiesel Industry was awarded in category export dynamism because it increased in 193% its exports in 2011

On Monday (25), at Theater Bourbon Country, in Porto Alegre (RS), the industry of biodiesel, BSBIOS, was awarded in category Export Dynamism, in the 40º Prize Export RS promoted by the Association of Marketing and Sales Directors of Brazil (ADVB RS). The prize tries to recognize companies that adopted innovative strategies in the management of international trade business. The president of the Council of Management of BSBIOS and Petrobras Biofuel, Miguel Rossetto, will also be honored. He was chosen because of his contribution to the enlargement of the company operations in the state. In 2011, Petrobras acquired 50% of BSBIOS, with a high-tech unit in Passo Fundo (RS).

To the chief executive officer, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, the prize shows what BSBIOS has become in. "This is the second time that we receive this prize, due to serious and committed work by the direction and its collaborators," mentioned the businessman. In 2011, the exports summed US$ 158.87 million, representing a growth of 193%.

"Our products are internationally certified by the GMP+B2 and by the GMP+B3, which provide us a guarantee of superior quality and traceability in our production, that is why we conquest customers for soybean bran to Europe," emphasized Battistella. The company has still searched for new certifications in the area of sustainability. The businessman also spoke about the perspectives on including biodiesel in products exported by the company, "we still have great expectation that tax and fiscal governmental actions make feasible to advance markets and to export biofuel as well."

The objective of Prize Export RS achieved 40 years ago is to recognize and highlight, yearly, companies that export products and services manufactured and/or commercialized in Rio Grande do Sul which have obtained the best performance in the export segment the year previous the award.

Those who were honored were chosen by the Advisory Council formed by ADVB RS, APEX-Brasil, Badesul, Banco do Brasil, Banrisul, Farsul, Fecomércio-RS, Federasul, FIERGS, Economy and Statistics Foundation (FEE), Movimento Brasil Competitivo (MBC), PrincewaterhouseCoopers, Secretaria de Desenvolvimento e Promoção do Investimento (SDPI), Superintendência de Portos e Hidrovias (SPH) and Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).


BSBIOS, formed from the merger between BSPAR and Petrobras Biofuel owns units in Passo Fundo (RS) and Marialva (PR). It produces approximately 300 million liters of Biodiesel/year. The gaúcha industrial plant counts on one unit of Grains Processing, consuming 850 thousand ton of Soybean/year and producing 158.400 ton/year of oil and 660 thousand ton/year of bran. The company employs directly more than 400 collaborators and more than 1000 indirect. The plant also produces reflexes in the field, 30% of all acquisition of grains is result from the production of about fifteen thousand family farmers, who are producers of Soybean and Canola in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná.