BSBIOS receives technical visit of the Brazilian Air Force

Last Monday (10-18) the 1st Esquadrão do 10th Grupo de Aviação, headquartered in Santa Maria, visited BSBIOS. The objective of the activity was to know the installations in a general way, the process of production and the equipments used in order to verify the structural and functional pattern of the industry so that Technicians in Information and Recognition, Photointerpreters and Pilots can become familiar with the objectives that are interpreted through aerial images. The Esquadrão was received by the Chief Executive Officer Erasmo Carlos Battistella, who welcomed Captain Paulo Roberto Soares Silva and the group. Battistella turned the installations of the industry available for work, "we feel honor in receiving the Air Force and all data necessary for the accomplishment of the work will be provided promptly".

Captain Soares emphasized the importance of the recognition of the area. "The Air Force often achieves activities in loco in large-sized locals, we are now visiting the North region of the state, and see here a strategic point for the data collection by visualizing the defense or the possible attack, whether or not it is necessary", highlighted Soares.

Later, the installations of the biodiesel industry and grain extraction were visited. The activity was followed by the Manager of Biodiesel Moisés Soares Alves, by the Technician of Labour Safety Marcelo Luzia and by the Facilitator of Preparation/extraction Hilton Vieira de Sena. The meeting was concluded with a fraternization at the Restaurant GR, where a plate to thank the endeavor and the high level of commitment of BSBIOS during the technical visit was provided.

Check photos of the visit by clicking here.