BSBIOS receives the visit from the State Secretary of the Environmental Protection Department

The Secretary of the Environmental Protection Department of Rio Grande do Sul, Berfran Rosado, during his stay in Passo Fundo, visited the installations of BSBIOS biodiesel industry. Berfran had been followed by the regional manager of EMATER, Oriberto Adami, and he was received by the Chief Executive Officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Battistella, opportunity where he obtained information on the production of biodiesel and the company concern about helping on the environment preservation.

Berfran Rosado was enthusiastic about the expansion works of BSBIOS, which, until the end of this year, will have a complex to receive crushing grains.

Erasmo Battistella highlighted that the company is reaching the mark of 300 million liters biodiesel produced since the beginning of its operations, aiming at the product quality, emphasizing that biodiesel is a green fuel that contributes to the reduction of the pollutant gases emission in the atmosphere. By producing a environmentally correct fuel the company aggregates value to soybean production, the main raw material used, besides developing new crops, as it is the case of canola, which the area grown, when aiming at the production of biodiesel, has increased in the region.