BSBIOS renews support to Lar Emiliano Lopes

Entity benefits more than 60 children and teenagers under social vulnerability

The signature of donation contract between the biodiesel industry and Lar Emiliano Lopes happened this Monday afternoon (23) at BSBIOS. The document was signed by the president of the entity, Adelino César Fernandes da Silveira, and by the CEO of the company Erasmo Carlos Battistella. BSBIOS already helped the Lar in specific projects like Orquestra Beija-Flor, and also through resources for the house maintenance. According to Battistella, this is also the role of the industry. "It is our duty to collaborate for the development of these people, that is why we feel happy in helping these children who are under a social vulnerability situation," he asserted.

Lar Emiliano Lopes helps more than 60 children and teenagers under social vulnerability, orphans, deprived from their family power or in process of it. They are welcome in houses where they receive all support they need and, yet, they can participate in projects directed to social inclusion of its target audience. "We are glad to count on BSBIOS again since it is the partner of our activities," emphasized Silveira. The contract is about monthly donations until the end of 2012.