BSBIOS signs financing with CAIXARS and Banrisul

Resources make the construction of crushing machine and the enlargement of the storage capacity of the unit in Passo Fundo, possible. The Government of the State, by means of the CAIXARS, the Development Agency linked to the Secretaria do Desenvolvimento and the Assuntos Internacionais (SEDAI), made a financing contract with BSBIOS of Passo Fundo on Wednesday, 08/02. The financing is the result of the consortium between CAIXARS and BANRISUL. The contract was signed at CAIXARS at Expointer, located in block 12th of Park Assis Brasil, in Esteio count on the visit of Governor Yeda Crusius, among others.

BSBIOS, by having this contract, will implant a grain crushing unit with storage capacity of 173 thousand tons. The capacity of biodiesel production is 159 million liters per year.

Currently, the largest part of raw material for production of biodiesel is acquired in the region of Passo Fundo, which is already ready for processing. With the project, BSBIOS will purchase the grain and will transform it in degummed vegetable oil to supply the plant of biodiesel, verticalizing the production with gains for the entrepreneurship. With investment the entrepreneurship will create 90 direct jobs and 1500 indirect jobs.

In his speech, the mayor of Passo Fundo, Airton Dipp, emphasized that, since biodiesel production doubled, the region will improve quality.

The chief executive officer of BSBIOS, Erasmo Battistella, asserted that "Rio Grande do Sul bet in biodiesel, making the state the greatest producer of Brazil and the second of Latin America, due to the state government's vision and support".