BSBIOS sponsors Festival Internacional de Folclore de Porto Alegre

Next Saturday (08-14) commences the 3rd edition of the International Festival of Porto Alegre. BSBIOS, through Law Incentivo a Cultura (LIC), is the official sponsor of the event. Its objective is to support art and culture manifestations that are offered to the community.

For Financial Manager Director Cristhine Fuga Roso Daniel the incentive to activities like this one is important. "BSBIOS is concerned in supporting events that encourage art and culture, and that are freely offered in the community", he said.

During the event, that happens from 14 to 20 of August, ethnic parades and free shows at the Dante Barone Theater (together with Legislative assembly) and at the Renascença Theater, music and dance workshops, ethnic parties, among others. Participate in the Festival groups of Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and groups of Brazil. Full program can be assessed on .