BSBIOS supports Journey of Literature of Passo Fundo

The Encounter will discuss about networks, languages and media

For the second consecutive year, BSBIOS has supported the National Journey of Literature which has been in its fourteenth edition. The event begins next Monday (22) and it will last until August 26th, at the Circus of Literature, Campus I of the University of Passo Fundo. The theme "Reading among us: networks, languages and media", the programming includes lectures, conversations with the authors, courses, shows, theaters and dancing, workshops, movies and exhibitions.

The Journey of Literature is accomplished at every two years and it attracts thousands of interested people around the world of Letters. In 30 years, it is one of the most important events of the Country which encourages reading and writing by gathering famous names and, approaching authors of all planet and readers in debates and conversations about the most diverse themes related to literature.

"BSBIOS which cradle is the National Capital of Literature could not do without supporting this important event that is already recognized worldwide. With the encouragement the Journey provides to the world of literature, we believe that new readers arise, this way contributing with the development of citizens," asserted Erasmo Carlos Battistella, Chairman of BSBIOS.

Yet, the programming of the 14th Journey of Literature of Passo Fundo the 6th National Jornadinha of Literature, the International Symposium of Infanto-juvenile Literature, the 10th International Seminar of Research in Reading and Cultural Patrimony, the 4th National Encounter of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, the 3rd State Encounter of Gaúchos Writers and the 2nd International Seminar of Story Tellers.