Cafu provides support to biodiesel at Expodireto

Cafu apoia o biodiesel na Expodireto The ex-soccer player of the Brazilian team and investor of agribusiness, Marcos Morais, Cafu, visited the stand of BSBIOS at Expodireto on Friday (03/08), in Não-Me-Toque (RS). Cafu, who is the partner of the agribusiness site, is a supporter of the production and use of renewable energies like biodiesel.


Cafu highlighted that has left the field of four lines and entered the field of agriculture, he also said that he admires the farmers so much. “Biodiesel is very important for the country and agriculture,” asserted the soccer player during his first visit to the Fair.



“Cafu is the advertisement boy of biodiesel and BSBIOS,” stated the chief executive officer of BSBIOS and president of the Association of Biodiesel Producers of Brasil – APROBIO, Erasmo Carlos Battistella. He spoke that the country needs to improve its public policies so that they provide conditions to advance the percentage of biodiesel mixture.



Nowadays, the vehicles are supplied with B5, that is, there is 5% of biodiesel in the fossil diesel, this biodiesel is produced with raw materials like soybean, canola, cottonseed, bovine tallow, among others.



The president of the Management Council of BSBIOS and president of Petrobras Biofuels, Miguel Rossetto, reported that he is happy for counting on the support for the biodiesel sector of a player who is the proud of the country.