Canola production is encouraged at Expodireto

assinatura canola On Wednesday morning (03/06), at the stand of Banco do Brasil, at Expodireto 2013, in Não-Me-Toque - RS a cooperation agreement between BSBIOS and Cotrijal and Banco do Brasil, for canola production was closed. The document was signed by the president of Cotrijal, Nei Mânica, by the state superintendent of Banco do Brasil, Tarcísio Hübner, and the manager of rural technology of BSBIOS, Fábio Junior Benin, in the presence of the State Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock and Agribusiness, Luiz Fernando Mainardi. The agreement aims at the production of canola for energetic purposes in response to the National Program of Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB), where BSBIOS is responsible for guaranteeing the acquisition of the production and technical services, Cotrijal is responsible for searching and improving areas, and Banco do Brasil is committed with analyzing the canola producers’ financing.

Manager Benin emphasizes that the term of cooperation is an encouragement for producers towards the feasibility of the crop. “The period for planting is about to start and that is the right moment so that the farmers plan and turn their needs official for the winter crop”, said Benin.

Mânica highlighted that Banco do Brasil is a producers’ partner. “The financing institution is the pioneer for releasing credit to producers in the Fair,” he said.

A trade policy for canola crop 2013 was launched at the Fair, where the producer who commercialize 13 sacks per hectare at R$ 57,00 with BSBIOS, may commercialize the rest of their production at a retail price. Other information may be obtained with the technical team of the company at the stand of BSBIOS, located on C Avenue.

Canola is a winter crop, which planting period starts on April 18th and goes to June 30th, according to the agro-climatic zoning. The expectations for crop 2013 is that BSBIOS improves 25 thousand of canola in the states of  Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo.

Canola Course

The edition of the Training Course for Canola Production will happen on April 18th, at the auditorium of Embrapa-Trigo. The promotion is by the Brazilian Association of Canola Producers – ABRASCANOLA, Group DRS and Embrapa-Trigo. Enrolments may be made at the venue for R$ 10,00.