Canola productivity and its price are supposed to be good

Canola harvest will begin on the north of Paraná. Grain is used in the production of cooking oil and biodiesel.

The crop is so colorful that could be seen as a field of flowers, but it is canola that moves who produces it. In the whole state of Paraná, the area planted is 10 thousand hectares, three thousand less than last harvest, but the good news is that the production must be 16% larger , reaching 17 thousand ton. "The weather is much favorable, rain is well distributed and we are not having problems with frosting that cause loss of productivity. The price is excellent, as canola market is based on the price of soybean, producers may expect great yield", explains agronomist Josiene Carraro.

The plant in Marialva purchases half of all Paraná production. Canola is directed to cooking oil production as well as to biodiesel. Biodiesel is produced from renewable sources, and that is why it has great environmental advantages when it is compared with diesel of oil. Since 2010, with the Federal Government's demand of 5% addition of biodiesel in common diesel, canola passed to be a good alternative of raw material for the fuel production.

In order to encourage more producers, the plant has a partnership program: it offers technical assistance, improved seeds and it guarantees the purchase of all production.

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