Canola will be subject of course

Company aims at increasing in 30% the area grown

BSBIOS in partnership with the Brazilian Association of Canola Producers (ABRASCANOLA) and the Sustainable Regional Development Group (DRS) will promote the sixth edition of the Course of Training and Broadcast of Technology in Canola Crop, on March 15th, in the auditorium of Embrapa-Trigo, in Passo Fundo/RS. The objective of the activity is to become an important forum of discussion and presentation of new technologies for canola, besides consolidating as an important technical political event for the crop.

The course will join researchers, rural producers, rural leaderships, financing agents and representatives of companies and institutions that improve the growth of canola. The canola productive chain plan strengthening, registration of pesticides, successful cases, market, fertilization, sowing and harvesting technologies, white mold control, among other issues will be approached in the encounter through lectures and panels.

To the managing vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Canola Producers (ABRASCANOLA) and coordinator of the Improvement sector of BSBIOS, Fábio Júnior Benin, the activity is a great opportunity for farmers become more prepared for the crop handling. "Canola is consolidating because it is a profitable crop to producer and present good yield, a great option in crop rotation, among other factors. This year we want to increase more, our goal is to advance in 30% the volume of area planted improved by BSBIOS", he said.

In 2011, BSBIOS was responsible for improving one third of canola production in Rio Grande do Sul, the state reached 33.500 ha. The company improved approximately 25 thousand ha of canola in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná.

th sixth Course of Training and Broadcast of Tecnology of Canola Crop is a promotion of ABRASCANOLA and DRS Biofuels Group (Association of Agronomists of Passo Fundo; Banco do Brasil; CMDA; Emater; Embrapa Trigo; Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply-MAPA; Ministry of Agrarian Development-MDA; City Hall of Passo Fundo; Rural Workers Union of Passo Fundo, Rural Union of Passo Fundo, and the University of Passo Fundo). The event is sponsored by BSBIOS, Mosaic, and Celena Alimentos, with the support of Advanta. The coordination of the event is of the researcher of Embrapa-Trigo, Gilberto O. Tomm. Registration is in the venue for R$ 10,00 (ten reais), lunch included.