CEO of BSBIOS participates in the Debate on Leadership in Organizations

In the evening of Thursday (16), at the auditorium of IMED, a debate on "Leadership in Organizations" was held. It was promoted by Integra and Capacitarh. The CEO of BSBIOS Erasmo Carlos Battistella, the Industrial Director of Kuhn Nicolas Guillou, the Financing Managing Coordinator of Italac Luciana Barros, the Coordinator of Human Resources of Manitowoc Sofia Veríssimo, the Director of ADVN Antonio Quinteros and the Director of Market Relationships of IMED Alessandro Becker, participated in this meeting.

The theme leadership in organizations was discussed in the debate which was led by journalist Mateus Rodighero. It was also approached how to form new leaders and maintain these talents. Five specific subjects were approached: the role of the company as for professional qualification, Generation Y in leadership, attraction and retention of talents and what it is the leader's role and professional profile for a person to work in their company.

The lecturers established to the audience their professional and business point of view on the subjects and highlighted how the process of management of each company is by emphasizing the needs and challenges the current market faces in order to have a qualified management to reach results.

To the CEO of BSBIOS Erasmo Carlos Battistella, there is a need to create a balance as for generations in the company. "Generation Y is a diamond that needs to be polished, it brings along to itself some important characteristics, it is innovative, critic and qualified, but it also needs to understand that it is taking responsibilities, therefore, it has to be committed with the company. But we cannot forget the experienced generations. Many leaders have the same qualities as well. It is necessary to find the ideal balance," Battistella asserted.

According to the Industrial director of Kuhn Nicolas Guillou, the restlessness of Generation Y is not so negative; it can be seen from two biases. "I notice that the high turnover cannot be observed only as a bad fact, it may bring discontinuity, but also with new integrants new ideas might arise," Guillou emphasized. To the Director of ADVN Antonio Quinteros, immediacy has to be managed. "We see that within two years a youngster of this new generation has already been through many companies, which is why they do not have enough time to fulfill and finish a project, it is necessary that the managers have a modern leadership that is able to teach and encourage workers, so that they can maintain professionals," Quinteros said.

To Battistella, one of the best forms of keeping good professionals is to have a clear policy on positions and wages and a beneficial ambient, "It is necessary that the worker is aware that he or she can grow and be qualified to accomplish tasks, but it is also important that he or she feel well in doing so."

On the occasion, the course Formation in Management - Focus on Leadership and Results was also launched. The objective of this course is to improve the management practice of people, working different orientation and qualification. It is promoted by Integra Soluções Empresariais e Capacitarh Assessoria and it will begin on July 15th.