Collaborators of BSBIOS celebrate Gaúcho’s day

Café de chaleira counted on the presentation of speeches and chula

To celebrate the Gaúcho's day the BSBIOS's collaborators participated in the "café de chaleira" today (20). The objective of this activity is to promote integration between the sectors besides celebrating the people of Rio Grande do Sul.

The Café de chaleira, which is an initiative of the People Management Department, was served by the team of Fazenda Tropeiro Camponês, at the Restaurant of the company. The coordinator of the sector, Gabriela Daronco Simões, states that the principle of the company is to promote activities that provide interaction among the collaborators.

"We will take this symbolic date of the gaúchos to achieve the celebration and provide moments of joy and relaxation, to integrate, motivate and make our collaborators happy and proud of working for a company that is concerned with people's well-being," emphasized Gabriela. The storage coordinator, benefits and dispatch Alessandro Tomazoni, approved the experience. "I enjoyed participating in the café de chaleira, activities like this one are always welcomed," he spoke. The same opinion was shared by the supply coordinator, Josiene Carraro. "I am delighted of knowing gaucha traditions," said Josiene, who is paranaense.

This day the collaborators were also encouraged to use gaúcho tradicional costumes. The activity counted on artistic presentations of speeches and chula of CTG Osório Porto. The first prenda mirim of CTG and regional 9 years old Champion of speeches, Sophia Fraga Abreu, pleased the audience with poetry "Cântico ao Sonho das Lavadeiras" by Júlio César Paim.