Course enables farmers to produce Canola

curso canola The seventh edition of Course of Training and Dissemination of Technology in Canola brings News to participants, allying the demonstration of the practice for the vegetable oil crop production besides the theoretical knowledge. The activity, which is a promotion of BSBIOS, the Brazilian Association of Canola Producers (ABRASCANOLA), Group of Sustainable Regional Development (DRS) and Embrapa-Trigo, will happen on April 18th, on Thursday, at Embrapa-Trigo in Passo Fundo (RS).

The objective of this activity is to be an important forum for discussions and presentations of new Technologies towards canola, besides consolidating as an important technical event for this crop. Subjects like sowing, production cost, fertilization, fertilizers, handling and harvest will be discussed. There will be a demonstration of harvest through windrowing cut and collection and the adjustment of planters.

The administrative vice-president of ABRASCANOLA and Rural Technology Manager of BSBIOS, Agronomist Fábio Júnior Benin, emphasizes that this is an important moment for the producers to obtain knowledge. “Canola is a winter crop that brings profitability, thus it optimizes the equipment, makes rotation possible and contributes with the improvement of the land fertility,” said Benin.

The course joins researches, rural producers, rural leaderships, financing agents and representative of companies and institutions that improve canola growth. The enrollments for the event can be achieved at the local or on site, for R$ 10,00, lunch included.


8:00 – Reception and enrollments

8:30 – Opening: Sérgio R. Dotto, General-Chief of Embrapa

Erasmo C. Battistella – President of ABRASCANOLA

9:00 – Scenario and cost of canola production

Claudia de Mori – Researcher of Embrapa Trigo

Lectures on the handling of:

9:25 – Fertilization - Fabiano de Bona - Researcher of Embrapa Trigo

9:50 – Specific fertilizers - Valdecir Marcon – Regional Supervisor, Mosaic Fertilizantes

10:15 – Coffee Brake

10:40 - Horseweed and other weeds- Leandro Vargas, Researcher of Embrapa Trigo

11:05 – Handling and control of insect pests– Alberto Marsaro, Researcher of Embrapa Trigo

11:30 am – Hybrids and Harvest - Gilberto Omar Tomm – Researcher of Embrapa Trigo

12:00 am - Lunch

01:30 pm – Lecture on sowing technology

Roberto Jasper - Professor of UEPG and Socidisco

02:30 – Demonstration of sowing technologies

Venue: The experimental field of Embrapa Trigo

(In the event of rain: garages will be used)

Demonstration with a double spreading conveyor for distribution of the same seed, with discs, which holes are 3mm and 3.5mm diameters - Roberto Jasper - Professor of UEPG and Socidisco

Adjustment of honeycombed discs – SOCIDISCO

Adjustment of seeders IMASA

Adjustment of canola windrowers and reaping machines – Lauro Fassini, PRODUFORT