Diretcor of BSBIOS participates in International Conference on Biofuels

The "International Conference of Biofuels as the vector of the sustainable development" happens in São Paulo, Brazil, among 17 and 21 of November 2008. The Conference contributes with the international discussion on challenges and opportunities presented by biofuels, where it is important occasion for the objective approach of issues related to energetic security, sustainable production and use, agriculture, industry processing, besides issues related to technical specifications and patterns, international business, climate change, and the future of biofuels.

Representatives of governments, international bodies, parliamentary, the scientific and academic community, private initiative, civil society and ONGs, among others participate in the Conference. All countries-members of the UN were invited, where representatives of one hundred nations participate. The director of operations of BSBIOS, Erasmo Carlos Battistella, participates in the event and evaluates positively the debate on bioenergy. He emphasizes that he has observed the importance and respect Brazil has had in the world as for agroenergy. In the country, 50 per cent of the energetic matrix is resulting from renewable sources. In the conference, according to Erasmo Battistella, several panels discussed how the increase in production of biofuels will happen in each one of the participant countries. He also highlights that the production needs to be based on basic issues: social, environmental and economically sustainable. Brazil has obtained focus with two natural fuels: ethanol (by quantity produced) and biodiesel, due to expressive increase of the production in so little time.

Erasmo Battistella demonstrates optimism in relation with the adoption, from 2009, of B4 (4 per cent of biodiesel to mineral diesel), due to the product offer and the contribution in reducing the environmental impact. "In this moment of world economic crisis, it was clear, in the conference, that part of the solution is the investment of new energetic sources in such a planed, safe and sustainable manner", he concludes.