Grain production reaches 161 million tons

Canola area has increased 11.4% in the country

The national production of grains for harvest 2010/2011 might be 161.5 million tons. The numbers are from the new survey which was accomplished by Conab and published on Wednesday (8), in Brasília.

The numbers confirm the record already announced, with an increase of 8.2% or around 12.2 million tons more than last harvest which was 149.2 million tons. The production increased 1.25% or the equivalent to two million tons in comparison with the last survey accomplished in May. Also, the area grown has increased 3.8%, reaching 49.2 million hectares, that is, 1.82 million hectares more than in 2009/10 when it reached 47.4 million hectares.

The enlargements of the areas grown with cotton, beans, 1st and 2nd harvests, soybean and rice, were the main responsible for the increase, along with good weather conditions on the development of plants.

Cotton - It had the greatest percentage growth in area (1.39 million ha), with around 66.4% more than last year (836 thousand ha). The production might reach two million tons de pluma, that is, around 800 thousand tons more than the number of the last survey (1.2 million tons).

Beans - the area might increase 7.1%, reaching 3.9 million hectares instead of 3.6 million hectares last year. But the production has increased 14.3 % and might reach 3.8 million tons. The area of the first harvest is 1.4 million hectares, while the one from the second harvest might reach 1.7 million hectares and the one from the third harvest might reach 771 thousand hectares.

Soybean - The increase of the area was 2.9 %. It changed from 20.4 million hectares to 24.1 million hectares, while the production increased 9.2%, rising to 75 million tons. The harvest of the grain is over.

Rice - The area has increased 3.6% and might reach 2.86 million hectares, as well as the production which presents an increase of 18.4%, increasing 13.8 million tons the previous harvest which was 11.7 million tons.

Maize - In the case of the total maize, the production might be 56.7 million tons, a bit over the previous harvest, when it reached 56 million tons. To maize, 2nd harvest, the estimate is to sow 5.7 million hectares, that is, an increase of 8.8%, and it might, therefore, produce 21.7 million tons.

Canola - Another winter crop is canola that, this season, might have a growth of 89 thousand hectares, with an increase of 11.4% on the previous area which was 80 thousand hectares. The production expected is 290.8 thousand tons, 15% more than in the previous harvest (252.9 thousand tons). The growth is accomplished in the South of the country mainly.

Wheat - on the other hand, wheat might reduce 4.3% the previous area of 2.1 million the hectares, reaching two million hectares. The production might be 5.4 million tons, with a reduction of 7.6% on the previous one (5.9 million tons). The more sown varieties this year are directed to bakery.

The research was accomplished by technicians in the period from 16 to 21 of April when representatives of cooperatives and rural unions, of public and private bodies in the South, Southeast and Mid-West and Northeast, besides part of North region were consulted.

Source: Raimundo Estevam / Conab